Lyrics to The Rumor
by The Band

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[edit]Song titleThe Rumor
[edit]Artist nameThe Band
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now when the rumor comes to your town
It grows and grows, where it started no one knows
Some of your neighbors will invite it right in
Maybe it's a lie, even if it's a sin, they'll repeat the rumor again

Close your eyes, hang down your head
Until the fog blows away, let it roll away
Open up your arms and feel the good
It's a-comin', a brand new day

Big men, little men turned into dust
Maybe it was all in fun, they didn't mean to ruin no one
Could there be someone, someone here among this crowd
Who's been accused, had his name so misused and his privacy refused ?

Find more similar lyrics on your eyes, hang your head
Until the fog blows away, let it roll away
Open up your arms and feel the good
It's a-comin', a brand new day, no, no, no

Now all you vigilantes wanna make a move
Maybe they won't, you know I sure hope they don't
For whether this rumor proves true or false
You can forgive or you can regret, but he will never ever forget

Close your eyes, hang down your head
Until the fog blows away, let it roll away
Open up your arms and feel the good
It's a-comin', a brand new day, la la la la la
Oh oh la la la la la
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Lyrics to The Rumor
by The Band

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