Lyrics to Moonwater
by The Barclay James Harvest

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[edit]Song titleMoonwater
[edit]Artist nameThe Barclay James Harvest
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The moon is making patterns on the water Why it is
I just can't say I'm not old enough or wise enough
to wonder I don't think about the magic that I'm
under Oh moonwater, running out like silver from
my eyes Oh moonwater, running out like silver from
my eyes You'll find me in the twilight on the
Find more similar lyrics on When the sun shines on the lake I'm a
child of darkness lost among the thunder Where the
shafts of moonlight break the sky asunder Oh
moonwater, running out like silver from my eyes Oh
moonwater, running out like silver from my eyes
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Lyrics to Moonwater
by The Barclay James Harvest

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