Lyrics to Trader
by The Beach Boys

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[edit]Song titleTrader
[edit]Artist nameThe Beach Boys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Trader sailed a jeweled crown
Humanity rowed the way
Exploring to command more land
Scheming how to rule the waves.
Trader spied a virgin plain
And named it for velvet robes
Wrote home declaring,
"There's a place
Where totally folks are free
(Happily completely)
Nourishment fills the
prairies and the hillsides
And animals stalk the
mountains and the seaside
And fish abound the lakes
and birds the skies
Signed sincerely."

Trader found the jeweled land
Was occupied before he came
By humans of a second look
Who couldn't even write their names shame
Trader said they're not as good
As folks who wear velvet robes
Wrote home again and asked,
"Please help
Their breasts I see; they're not like me
Banish them from our
prairies and our hillsides
Clear them from our
mountains and our seaside
I want them off our lakes so please reply
Signed sincerely."

Trader he got the crown okay
Cleared humanity from his way
He civilized all he saw
Making changes every single day say
Shops sprang over the
prairies and the hillsides
Find more similar lyrics on roads cut through the
mountains to the seaside
The other kind fled to hide, by and by,
And so sincerely

Making it softly
Like the evening sea, trying to be
Making it go
Creating it gently
Like a morning breeze, a life of ease
Eyes that see
Beyond tomorrow, through to
the time without hours
Passing the Eden of Flowers
Reason to live.

Embracing together
Like the merging streams, crying dreams
Making it full
Begging intently
For a slight reprieve, a night of ease
Hands to touch
Beyond the sorrow, on to the
force without power
Piercing the crust of the tower
Reason to live.

Like a budding rose, humbling shows
Making it.
Struggling lonely
Like a desert field, break
the seal, make it real
Ears to hear
Beyond the showers, on to
the suns of tomorrows
Burning the flesh of all sorrows
Reason to live.
Reason to continue
Reason to go on
Reason to live
Reason to live
Reason to live
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Lyrics to Trader
by The Beach Boys

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