Lyrics to Evil
by The Black Keys

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[edit]Song titleEvil
[edit]Artist nameThe Black Keys
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Darlin', you say you love me,
Place no one above me,
That was yesterday,
It's so far away,

Girl, you're evil,
Evil as you can be,
One thing for sure,
devil better lock his door,
You're evil,

Well, darlin' you know it's true,
You've got a hold of you,
Ain't seem so naive,
Man's on his knees,

Girl, you're evil,
Evil as you can be,
Find more similar lyrics on thing for sure,
devil better lock his door,
You're evil,

I could wrestle with the guys,
It wouldn't be my eyes,
You're a crap-shoot every time,
But you're skin is thicker than mine,

Girl, you're evil,
Evil as you can be,
One thing for sure,
devil better lock his door,
You're evil,
You're evil,
You're evil,
You're evil.
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Lyrics to Evil
by The Black Keys

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