Lyrics to Burn Piano Island, Burn
by The Blood Brothers

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[edit]Song titleBurn Piano Island, Burn
[edit]Artist nameThe Blood Brothers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Bulimic rainbows vomit what?
Burn Piano Island Burn!
Coconut pupils never shut?
Burn Piano Island Burn!
Jigsaw babies and their bamboo stilts?
Burn Piano Island Burn!
Charred toucans weaving their black sky quilt?
Burn Piano Island Burn!
The sea shells scream out celestial code.
Melting on the shore inside a flame sno globe.
Burn Burn So burn Piano island!
Torch the treasure!
Torch the shovels!
Torch these hands dipped in gold lacquer,
Torch the finger-prints painting a
violence portrait on spinal wings.
I buried my child of eight inch fingers neck
deep in the hungry quicksand.
I buried my bride of pineapple skin where the
generic sunsets sparkle so bland.
I split my grandmother like a rotten
papaya... our fright to pollenate the
flowers of fire.
Find more similar lyrics on vomited my skeleton and donated it to the war mausoleum...
I cut my will and testament along the scar tissue seam.
I packaged my heart and fed-ex'd it to the octopus queen.
Burn Piano Island Burn!
Soured Palm trees sputter waxy wax stink.
Burn Piano Island Burn!
Boiling lagoons chewing bubble gum pink?
Burn Piano Island Burn!
The vicoden volcano spews and salivates?
It's belly bloated like a pre-teen pregnancy?
I fed its limp indifferent walls tales of an
ark haunted with the five howls,
I tied a nervous noose of piano wire
and wrapped it around the mocking throat of the past.
It's head erupted like a rabid roman candle
as I kicked the stump from underneath.
Burn Piano Island Burn
and drown all your fucking riddles down the throat of the sea.
This one man raft won't be coming back
so don't talk out of tune to me.
From a distance the fornication of fear
and flames twinkles so pretty.
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Lyrics to Burn Piano Island, Burn
by The Blood Brothers

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