Lyrics to Independence day
by The Bruisers

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[edit]Song titleIndependence day
[edit]Artist nameThe Bruisers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I stood in the middle
Watching the scene all around me
People fighting in the streets
For their given right to be free
As the walls fell down in Germany
I proudly watched them win
You know that it's true
You can never keep us in

This is the hour
This is the day
This is the hour
Our Independence Day

The time has come for the western world
Find more similar lyrics on jump into the fight
And make a stand on freedoms side
While chance is still in sight
As the walls fall the
people vow to never go
down again
If it comes to it we got
to know right now
Are you ready to make a stand

This is the hour
This is the day
This is the hour
Our Independence Day
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Lyrics to Independence day
by The Bruisers

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