Lyrics to Playing Silly Buggers
by The Bus Station Loonies

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[edit]Song titlePlaying Silly Buggers
[edit]Artist nameThe Bus Station Loonies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Some people never had a childhood Been mislead and
misunderstood Dreams of beginnings, new tomorrows
End of all sadness, end of sorrows Now you’ve a
reason, life’s not tragic Here’s Ali Bongo - now,
that’s magic Sawn in half, you’re in the bureau,
Let’s nick a bus and drive to Truro We’re playing
silly buggers Old Uncle Bernard can’t stop
whistling Scared of the dark, the cat is bristling
Once read a book, it was quite boring You can’t
take over and do some drawing My fall-out
Find more similar lyrics on’s non-existent Nuclear wars are
inconsistent Claustrophobic in your bunker You’re
so trendy, while I’m a punker Who’s playing silly
buggers Who killed Bambi? That’s the question Walt
Disney is my suggestion In a plot with Chumbawamba
Done to death with a cucumber Now we’re free, the
trees are singing Everlasting peace we’re bringing
No more wars and lots of laughter We’ll all live
happy ever after Just playing silly buggers
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Lyrics to Playing Silly Buggers
by The Bus Station Loonies

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