Lyrics to One Hundred Years from now
by The Byrds

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[edit]Song titleOne Hundred Years from now
[edit]Artist nameThe Byrds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Written by Gram Parsons

One hundred years from this day will the people
still feel this way Still say the things that
they're saying right now Everyone said I'd hurt
you, they said that I'd desert you If I go away,
you know I'm gonna get back some how Nobody knows
what kind of trouble we're in Nobody seems to
think it'll all might happen again
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One hundred years from this time would anybody
change their minds And find out one thing or two
about life But people are always talking You know
they're always talking Everybody's so wrong that I
know it's gonna work out right Nobody knows what
kind of trouble we're in Nobody seems to think it
all might happen again
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Lyrics to One Hundred Years from now
by The Byrds

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