Lyrics to Chasing the sun
by The Calling

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[edit]Song titleChasing the sun
[edit]Artist nameThe Calling
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sky is her blue eyes
Begin to open
The storm is upon me
But I'm chasing the sun
And she's got me down on my knees
Trying to crawl
Through all of the winter
Through all of the fall...

She's like a sweet summer
A sweet summer day
And I can't let her
I can't let her go to waste
She's like a sweet summer day
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I want to breathe in her air
I want to crash through the waves
Into her fields where
These memories are made...


Now there's no turning back
I'm lost somewhere
deep inside of you
The clouds have been lifted
And you're breaking through...

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Lyrics to Chasing the sun
by The Calling

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