Lyrics to The Sly
by The Cat Empire

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[edit]Song titleThe Sly
[edit]Artist nameThe Cat Empire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If frisy hair was a metaphor
for festival time
then this woman is a goddess
of that festival shrine, met her
- at a jam
in that garden of sorts
I must confess god bless
some impure thoughts
"show us the money"
was the call of the night
but no money could have bought
even a piece of her pride, there might
have been a sea of people
I don't know, because
all I could see
was how this woman she glowed so

-Aeh it's a pleasure to meet you
ya look like one incredible creature
wanna treat you fine
lets dance and grind
get so funk-inflicted it's a crime
you're divine you're sublime
and well you blow my mind

Find more similar lyrics on caterpillar so good
that all the greeks go "killa"
break and enter take ya
like a glass of milk
then "spill ya"
saw her coming what a scene
what I mean is
she got that sex coffee beam
but she tastes like vanilla
well alright she ignite
when we hit the floor
like the vroom on a V8 super commodore
now if it makes a good story
well it's just worthwhile
with her's like dealing stories
in that sprinkla style and so

-Aeh it's a pleasure to meet you
ya look like one incredible creature
wanna treat you fine
lets dance and grind
get so funk-inflicted it's a crime
you're divine you're sublime
and well you blow my mind
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Lyrics to The Sly
by The Cat Empire

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