Lyrics to Mad dog
by The Catherine Wheel

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[edit]Song titleMad dog
[edit]Artist nameThe Catherine Wheel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Keep it sweet
Florist of dreams
A tangerine
You're burning up
The forest of love
You're tangled up

You're a weird child
Like your dad was
You're a bee sting
You're a mad dog
You're a fierce soul
In your bad clothes
Need some good luck
In your mad love

Keep it cheap
The promise of peaks
You've never seen
You turned around
Fountains of change
You made your name
What a name

You're a weird child
Like your dad was
Can you be still
You're a mad dog
You're a fierce soul
Find more similar lyrics on your bad clothes
Need some good luck
In your mad love

It's just your
magic is more
than electric
It spins inside

Take me home
I'm staying up the road
I'll let you know
It isn't you
I need a clear space
To think it through

I'm a weird child
Like you're dad was
I'm a bad star
You're a mad dog
You're a queen Jane
It's a hard slog
I'm a pale saint
In your mad love

You're the May Queen
I'm the magpie
We're the twin sisters
We're the real dreamers
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Lyrics to Mad dog
by The Catherine Wheel

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