Lyrics to Receive
by The Catherine Wheel

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[edit]Song titleReceive
[edit]Artist nameThe Catherine Wheel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Shiny silver Jubilee
When I destroy what I receive
it's good to see you smiling
And the lack of sympathy
it's good to know the reason
The reasons

I destroy myself
I know I know I know
I deny myself
I know I know I know
I destroy myself
I know I know I know
I want to receive

What's the reason,
what's the use
When I don't want to
look like you
It's good to sea you smiling
and the lack of sympathy
It's one of many reasons
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I destroy myself
I know I know I know
I deny myself
I know I know I know
I destroy myself
I know I know I know
Easy to believe

Grow my hair
Long and strange
I'll be a walking
mountain range

It's good to see you smiling
And the lack of sympathy

'Cos now I know the reasons
The reasons
I destroy myself
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Lyrics to Receive
by The Catherine Wheel

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