Lyrics to Southern Boy
by The Charlie Daniels Band

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[edit]Song titleSouthern Boy
[edit]Artist nameThe Charlie Daniels Band
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well it's easy for a country boy to be misunderstood
When the honky tonks are jumping and
the girls are looking good
Yeah, I get excited and some people think I'm rude
It's the way my daddy raised me it's my rebel attitude

I'm a southern boy
Southern born and bred
I've got Sweet Home Alabama buzzing all around in my head
I'm right at home in Georgia or down in Caroline
Yeah I'd be happy anywhere below that Mason-Dixon line

A working and a sweating 'til I hear that whistle blow
Country rock a cooking on my pick-up radio
I rush home for a shower and put on my dancing shoes
I get the Friday fever and the Sunday morning blues

I'm a southern boy
I like a rowdy crowd
Put Bocephus on the jukebox and turn
that sucker way up loud
Don't need a reservation
We're just a-having fun
Find more similar lyrics on it's party time in Dixie
Ya'll just come on down and get ya some

From Rockingham to Birmingham
Mobile to New Orleans
Jacksonville to Copper Hill
Pike to Bowling Green
Layfayette to Somerset
Boone to Rocky Mount
If you don't live in Dixie then
You're only camping out

I'm a southern boy
I say my sirs and m'ams
I'm kinda rough around the edges but
I'm mighty proud of who I am
Roll on Mississippi rock on Tennessee
If it was good enough for Elvis you
know it's good enough for me

I said, if it was good enough for Elvis you
know it's good enough for me
Well if the King was crazy 'bout it then
you know it's good enough for me
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Lyrics to Southern Boy
by The Charlie Daniels Band

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