Lyrics to Love is What you Need
by The Clarks

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[edit]Song titleLove is What you Need
[edit]Artist nameThe Clarks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Until we meet again
I'll think of you my friend
If thoughts are what you need
Until we say hello
You know I know you know
I'm down here on my knees

Let's give it one more try
Never say goodbye
Your hand it holds the key
Love is what you need

Until we meet for good
I'll take these wires and this wood
And tell you how I feel
Find more similar lyrics on we stand alone
Face to face and no more phone
Tell me this is real

Let's give it one more chance
Hold tight when we dance
Your eyes they hold the key

Until we meet again
I won't think about the end
Have a smoke and have a drink
Until we find a way
I'll keep singing about that day
I never cared what people think
Love is what you need
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Lyrics to Love is What you Need
by The Clarks

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