Lyrics to Gee
by The Crows

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[edit]Song titleGee
[edit]Artist nameThe Crows
The 4 Notes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do, do do, do, do do, do, do do, do do do
Do, do do, do, do do, do, do do, do do do
Do, do do, do, do do, do, do do, do do do, do
Love that girl

Ooh, gee, my ooh gee
Well, ooh gee
Why I love that girl, love that girl

Ooh, please, listen to me
Hear, hear, hear my plea
Why I love that girl

Hold me, baby, squeeze me
Never let me go
I'm not takin' chances
Because I love her, I love her so

Find more similar lyrics on, gee, yes I love her
Yes, I need her
Why I love that girl, love that girl

Hold me, baby, squeeze me
Never let me go
I'm not takin' chances
Because I love her, I love her so

My, my, oh, gee, well, oh gee
My eye, oh, gee
Why I love that girl, love that girl

Ooh, please, listen to me
Hear my plea
Why I love that girl, love that girl

Why I love that girl L.F.D
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The Crows Gee Recording details & track overview

SOMETIMES THE LYRICS ON PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARE MORE ACCURATE THAN THE ONE DISPLAYED AS THE CURRENT VERSION, ESPECIALLY IF THERE IS A GRACENOTE LOGO ON THE PAGE. YOU MAY VIEW THESE LYRICS BY CLICKING ON THE LINK "SEE OTHER VERSIONS" IN THE ORANGE BOX ABOVE. [GEE]{1} Written by: William Davis & Viola Wilkins Performed by: The Crows{2a}{2b} First released:{3} Single: June 1953 [Length: Unknown] Album: 1988 [Length: 2:41]{4} {1}"Gee," is a Doo-wop song which has been credited as the first Rock & Roll hit by a Rock & Roll group. It charted in April 1954, one year after it was released. It landed at #2 on the [Billboard Rhythm and Blues Chart] and #14 on the [Billboard Pop Chart.] Not only was it was the first 1950s doo-wop record to sell over one million records but it was one of the first such R&B records to crossover to the wider pop market. {2a}Personnel performing on this recording: * Daniel "Sonny" Norton (Lead vocals.) * William "Bill" Davis (Baritone.) * Harold Major (First.....MORE.....(all Gee track/recording details)

The Crows biography

The Crows (Not to be confused with the '80s Pop/Rock group), were an American Rhythm & Blues singing group who achieved commercial success in the 1950s. The Crows were one of the many groups pioneering the Doo-wop genre with their infectious, cheerful melodies and harmonies, use of nonsense syllables, and modified jump blues instrumental backing.

When The Crows started out in 1951 as a street corner group, practicing sidewalk harmonies1, the original members were Daniel "Sonny" Norton (lead), William "Bill" Davis (baritone), Harold Major (tenor), Jerry Wittick (tenor), and Gerald Hamilton (bass). In 1952, Wittick left the group and was replaced by Mark Jackson (tenor and guitarist).

They were discovered at New York's Apollo Theater2 in 1952, at one of the venue's Wednesday-night talent shows, by agent Cliff Martinez. Martinez brought the Crows to the attention of independen.....MORE.....(full The Crows biography)

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Lyrics to Gee
by The Crows

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