Lyrics to Open
by The Cure

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[edit]Song titleOpen
[edit]Artist nameThe Cure
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I really don't know what I'm doing here
I really think I should've gone to bed tonight
But just one drink and there are some people to meet you
I think that you'll like them, I have to say, we do tonight

I promise in less than an hour, we will honestly go
Now why don't I just get you another
While you just say hello
Yeah, just say hello, just say hello

So I'm clutching it tight
Another glass in my hand
And my mouth and the smiles
Moving up as I stand up

Too close and too wide
And the smiles are too bright
And I breathe in too deep
And my head's getting light

But the air is getting heavier and it's closer
I'm starting to sway
And the hands all on my shoulders don't have names
And won't go away

So here I go
Here I go again

Falling into strangers
And it's only just eleven
I'm staring like a child
Until someone slips me Heaven

Take it on my knees
Just like a thousand times before
I get transfixed
That fixed

And I'm just looking at the floor
Just looking at the floor
Yeah, I look at the floor

I'm starting to laugh
Like an animal in pain
I've got blood on my hands
I've got hands in my brain

The first shot of retch
Leaves me gasping for more
I stagger over screaming
On my way to the floor

Find more similar lyrics on'm back on my back
With the lights and the lies in my eyes
And the color and the music's too loud
And my head's all the wrong size

So here I go
Here I go again

Yeah, I laugh and I jump
And I sing and I laugh
And I dance and I laugh
And I laugh and I laugh

But I can't seem to think
Where this is
Who I am
Why I'm keeping this going

Keep pouring it out
Keep pouring it down
Keeping it going
Keep pouring it down

And the way the rain comes down hard
That's the way I feel inside

I can't take it anymore
This it I've become
This is it like I get
When my life's going numb

I just keep moving my mouth
I just keep moving my feet
I say, "I'm loving you to death
Like I'm losing my breath"

And all the smiles that I wear
And all the games that I play
And all the drinks that I mix
And I drink 'til I'm sick

And all the faces I make
And all the shapes that I throw
And all the people I meet
And all the words that I know
Makes me sick to the heart, oh, I feel so tired

And the way the rain comes down hard
That's how I feel inside

And the way the rain comes down hard
That's how I feel inside
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Lyrics to Open
by The Cure

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