Lyrics to See the Children
by The Cure

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[edit]Song titleSee the Children
[edit]Artist nameThe Cure
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(La la la la la la la...)
I stopped the car

the other day
I had to ask a little
girl the way
I thought she'd show me
better if she got inside
And once inside
I thought I'd taker her
for a little ride...
So I see the children

feel the children
see the children
feel the children
all the time...
See the children
feel the children
see the children
feel the children
all the time...
I'm a supermarket Santa

underneath the Christmas tree
The little one all like to
come and sit upon my knee
I have to hold them tightly
'cause they fall to the floor
A little concern ain't
against the law...
So I see the children
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feel the children
see the children
feel the children
all the time
See the children
(something something
something??) all the
I pass by the infant school

every single day
I push sweeties
through the fence
but the kids just run way
I only want to talk with them
and join in their fun
But all the little children do
is run run run run run
run run run...
(La la la la la la,
la la la la la

See the children

Feel the children all the time..
See the children
Feel the children
See the children
Feel the children
All the time........
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Lyrics to See the Children
by The Cure

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