Lyrics to Emma Knows
by The Damned

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[edit]Song titleEmma Knows
[edit]Artist nameThe Damned
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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from Roman Juggs 1986 ANYTHING demos tape.
As yet unreleased...

(Vanian/Scabies/Merrick/Jugg/Henry Badowski)
What Emma knows
And what I know is that whenever we're apart
She will be missing me
And I'll be missing her dreadfully
And very special to me
She's gone to university
Maybe she's sleeping now
Or wide awake with a friend
It doesn't bother me
'Cause pretty soon she will be next to me
Because she loves me you see

Find more similar lyrics on then she'll smile as she opens her eyes
And kiss me when the morning comes

What Emma doesn't know
I treasure everything about her so
And every second that she spends with me
I get the feeling that she doesn't believe
It is essential to me

To have her smile as she opens her eyes
And kiss me when the morning comes

I will dive off the edge of the world
I will fly to wherever you are
I will fly I will dive I will care for you baby
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Lyrics to Emma Knows
by The Damned

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