Lyrics to Aaängry Megaphone man
by The Dissociatives

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[edit]Song titleAaängry Megaphone man
[edit]Artist nameThe Dissociatives
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Indecision has been made
Erase the line of sight
And for every shot that’s slung
Evaporate the light

Within a tar like hold
Believing what we’re told
And the edges start to fray
Before the centre folds between the lies
A distant whale cries until the sea overflows

Once upon a time we’d never been cold
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The fury would start and finally
The whale it would reign
Like a king on a storm cloud

Like the wind through autumn leaves
You rake the shards of light
And every time they stare
You lose a little sight to sea
You’re winding willows over trees
Until the sea overflows
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Lyrics to Aaängry Megaphone man
by The Dissociatives

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