Lyrics to Abstract Plain
by The Distillers

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[edit]Song titleAbstract Plain
[edit]Artist nameThe Distillers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Originally by Frank Black

I`ve had it with this town
I never saw those shifting skies
I never saw the ground
Or the sunset rise
I want to live on an abstract plain

I`m building a frame
A place to put my ten-yard stare
Thinking of that paint
Painted in plein-air
I want to line on an abstract plain

I need a new adress
Find more similar lyrics on want some new terrain
Is it North or South?
I want to live on an abstract plain

I could sit on the roof
On top of that abstract house
See my abstract view
An abstract mouse
I want to live on an abstract plain

I need a new adress
Tell my I`m not insane
Is it up or down?
I want to live on an abstract plain
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Lyrics to Abstract Plain
by The Distillers

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