Lyrics to No Forgiveness
by The Exploited

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[edit]Song titleNo Forgiveness
[edit]Artist nameThe Exploited
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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His father was tortured
Right in front of his eyes
His mother was raped
She was left to die
He sworn to get even
Even if he had to die himself
He knew the law was going to get him
No forgiveness
Tonight they're all going to die
Burning hatred clouds his mind
Find more similar lyrics on look on his face was cold and grey
A burning venegance what drives him on
I pitty those about to die tonight
No forgiveness
Tonight they're all going to die
He stands near the spot
Where his parents died
2 years now gone since the tragic day
He remembers the priest asking forgiveness
They'll never take him back alive
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Lyrics to No Forgiveness
by The Exploited

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