Lyrics to Love's Stream
by The Flying Postmen

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[edit]Song titleLove's Stream
[edit]Artist nameThe Flying Postmen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My baby's gone and I'm alone
And the leaves turn brown in the town
What can I say? I hope someday
She'll return to me just to see

My living is sad 'cos all I had
Now is far away from her way
But I keep her smile and just for a while
I would like to see her on my knee

Babe I'll be not the same
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Come to me just to see
That you are in my love's stream


Where are you now? I'm feeling down
I can't find the dove of your love
Don't leave me long you know I'm strong
But my heart is not like a stone

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Lyrics to Love's Stream
by The Flying Postmen

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