Lyrics to Shirley Jean
by The Foghat

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[edit]Song titleShirley Jean
[edit]Artist nameThe Foghat
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, I was sittin' in a smokey room, band playin' rock n' roll
Everybody burnin', yearnin' for some alcohol
I got up to buy the wine, when I saw Shirley Jean
Powdering her nose, posin' like a movie queen

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine

I tried to give her a sign but she was too high to see
Sittin' and starin', carin' not a thing for me
Sweet little Shirley Jean, sure lookin' good to me
Jet black stockings, rockin' to the bebop beat

Tell by the way she was actin', musta' had a whole lot to hide
She's got a whole lotta lovin', all bottled up inside

I ain't goin to say a word, can't find a word to say
Find more similar lyrics on ain't gonna get me, let me tell you right away
I gave up and wandered out, when I saw the reason why
Hugging little Shirley, a curly headed honey pie

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen
Shirley Jean, sweet little lovin' machine, well

Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine
Well, Shirley Jean, sweet little seventeen
Shirley Jean, she's a lovin' machine
Yeah, well, Shirley Jean

Let me grease your machine
Let me check your oil
Sure looks good to me
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Lyrics to Shirley Jean
by The Foghat

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