Lyrics to When I put the Records on
by The Gathering Field

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[edit]Song titleWhen I put the Records on
[edit]Artist nameThe Gathering Field
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It started on a lonely Friday
The world was gray and overcast again
I couldn't find no one to be my friend

Locked the bedroom door as always
Saw my brother's records laying there
And so began a life-long love affair

I put the record on the stereo
And though I wasn't quite a Romeo
The loneliness was gone
When I put the record on
And with the spinning of the turn table
I felt a burden lifted from my soul
I saw a new day dawn
When I put the record on

Years went by and still I struggled
Find more similar lyrics on lost to what I could not say
Running from the sober light of day

But as the world around me crumbled
I heard the sweet and lyrical refrain
Heroes walking homeward through the rain

I put the record on the stereo...

And it said:
Shalalalala Shalalalalala
You ain't alone in your sorrow
Shalalalala Shalalalalala
You ain't alone in your pain
Shalalalala Shalalalalala
You'll feel better tomorrow

I put the record on the stereo...
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Lyrics to When I put the Records on
by The Gathering Field

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