Lyrics to Wish you Were Here
by The Get Up Kids

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[edit]Song titleWish you Were Here
[edit]Artist nameThe Get Up Kids
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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would you stay for one night?
if i didn't come home?
the end of a big fight
doesn't matter anymore
the point in my midlife
situation stands
but hours pass like years
wish you were here
wish you were here
did i open an old wound?
is there something i should know?
if it's all ending so soon
how could i possibly let go?
comes to a head, this is high noon
the finale we have planned
but hours pass like years
i wish you were here
say the words so slow
say it without fear
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you won't leave me here
the past is all we know
the memories are clear
i wish you were here
if i told you, were you listening?
did you know this from the start?
do the dates match exactly?
your plan when we would part?
if i won't wait for another year
i guess you'll break my heart
it's true
you already knew
so take this as a souvenir
remember me, i'm waiting here
disappointed, hanging on
stayed behind while you moved on
wish you were here
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Lyrics to Wish you Were Here
by The Get Up Kids

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