Lyrics to Sweet Relief
by The Haunted

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[edit]Song titleSweet Relief
[edit]Artist nameThe Haunted
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Contextualize it and justify
As the passive servility eats you alive
Like a Japanese girl with a taste for absurdity
Roped up and screaming for more

In spineless decisions you cling to a lie
A futile attempt to uphold your claim
As a new generation of annihilist rage
Get a grip on how to get shit done

We'll get you in the end
Sweet relief
I survive trough the blaze of another day
Lower down and hide
Let me wake in a dream here you come undone
Sweet relief

Barter compile it, package the scam
Analyze the effects and the overall consequence
Duping the masses, so fucking what
You get what you want, I can see it now

Bring in the puppets, turn on the light
Find more similar lyrics on up the gullible sheep
Deliver the drama, fake and obscene
The drug of a nation asleep

We'll get you in the end
Sweet relief

Die, please step this
I'm begging you, cease to breathe
You are killing everyone I love

We'll get you in the end
Sweet relief
As the cane draws a line in the sand of time
Blood covers bone
In the eye of the dying I can read your thoughts
Guilt as charged

Guinea pigs all
Selfless and blind
An effortless crime
No wonder it's all going down
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Lyrics to Sweet Relief
by The Haunted

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