Lyrics to No Love Goes Unpunished
by The Hope Conspiracy

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[edit]Song titleNo Love Goes Unpunished
[edit]Artist nameThe Hope Conspiracy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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light this fire, and never look back, ashes to
ashes, dust to dust, no remorse, no regret, for
that precious guilty face, the one that did the
damage, you're right in my palm, lettign go and,
burning this all, set it free entirely, reach out
and this dog, will strike you down, say it now
while, it doesn't hurt, say it now while, the
Find more similar lyrics on is warm, open up and, swallow every word,
three graves, three threats, three ways to comfort
this, momentos for your sins, forgiveness denied
again, dull the light to ease my eyes, can't bear
to look, them anymore, no, fuck you, i am fed up,
i am...
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Lyrics to No Love Goes Unpunished
by The Hope Conspiracy

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