Lyrics to Plastic Surgery
by The Judes

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[edit]Song titlePlastic Surgery
[edit]Artist nameThe Judes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Baby says she knows
Baby said she needs me
Baby said she wants
Another lover

Baby wants to know
Baby wants to know
Wants me to show
Why I really need her
I've got a lot to learn

Summer was the time
Summer was the time
I rode the line
Supposed to make me better

Don't blow your mind
Don't blow your mind
Now's not the time
It wouldn't be pretty
She's got a way that I like

I gotta wonder
I don't have an answer
A malleable addiction
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I wanna know
I don't wanna bother
Do I really care
Do I want another
She's got a style all her own

Baby says she wants
Baby says she wants
Baby says she needs
A brand new body

I know she got
I know she got
I know I've got
An aesthetic reason
She makes my lie to myself


I wanna love her
I wanna love her
I wanna love her yeah!
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Lyrics to Plastic Surgery
by The Judes

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