Lyrics to Snake Eyes (Demo)
by The Knockout Kings

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[edit]Song titleSnake Eyes (Demo)
[edit]Artist nameThe Knockout Kings
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The trouble with friends is knowing when you've
got to let them go. Convenient circumstances and
excuses is the lesson I should know. The trouble
with loyalty is loyalty don't come that easy and
I know I've failed so many times, but I swear
I've finally got it right...

Finally got it right by the time you've given
up. I'd meet you down the road one day, but the
memories they fade. When you look into the mirror
what do you see, a friend in need? A friend in
need and you threw away the key.

'Cause I, I never brought this on us... You
never looked up, you never looked at me.

You brought this on yourself.

This song is for you, the only way to make this
right. You take it, you leave it, you love it, you
fake it and I won't...
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I guess the best thing for me to say is that I'm
happy.. I'm happy for you anyway. I know I failed
to make it up to you in your eyes but the awkward
air that we breathe is always from the heart of
you when we're in the same room.

'Cause I, I never brought this upon us... You
never looked up, you never looked at me.

You brought this on yourself.

This song is for you, the only way to make this
right. You take it, you leave it, you love it, you
fake it and I won't fight I know I failed so
many times, this time I swear I'll get it right.

I dare you to look into my eyes before you turn
and walk away. This song is for you, the only way
to make this right.
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Lyrics to Snake Eyes (Demo)
by The Knockout Kings

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