Lyrics to In My Opinion
by The Kooks

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[edit]Song titleIn My Opinion
[edit]Artist nameThe Kooks
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If only I could find, a little piece of my mind,
I'll take you out, and we'd sit,
Beneath the moon of what I did,
Inside of you, I do see,
You would love to be free,
So take it now, it's your right,
There's no need to fight,

Take a bit of my heart for you,
Take a bit of my love for her,
Take a bit of my heart for you,
Take a bit of my soul,

I tried it once again,
To get my opinion, up in their minds,
They're just far too blind,
You've taken all of me,
And put it in the bottom of sea,
If they were right,
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If only you could find, a little piece of your time,
I'll take you to a club where they strip,
Oh don't bite those sweet lips,
Inside of you, I do see,
I know, I know you don't want me to,
Oh cause everything's sugared up more then it seems,

Take a bit of my love for her,
Take a bit of my soul for her,
Take a bit of my love for her,
Take a bit of my soul,

I tried it once again,
To get my opinion, up in their minds,
They just don't have mine,
Want my wish, my life,
As they sold by my side,
Shall always see, hey.
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Lyrics to In My Opinion
by The Kooks

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