Lyrics to Through the Eyes of the Raven
by The Kovenant

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[edit]Song titleThrough the Eyes of the Raven
[edit]Artist nameThe Kovenant
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Swept through the loney marshes
Of Norseland ancient soil
Below me withering blizzard
Has melted with the snow

"My tears no longer turned to frost
My eyes they gleam no more
Triumphant pride forever lost
King Winter...where is thy cold?"

"Many a winters night I have longed
In solitude of my own reflection
Silently I spill a tear into the sea
Am I doomed to haunt this landscape forever?"

A colourless cascade of withering grey
Midnight slumber hides my pain
"In the gloominess of autumn dusk
I sat mesmerized, staring at the sky
Find more similar lyrics on you come to take me away
In your everlasting grasp?"

I yearn for thee...King Winter
Make me frozen, cold as ice
I give to thee my blinded eyes
Make me chilling, as white as snow
I give to thee my lonely soul
Hear my longing, hear my cry
I give to thee my empty mind
Cast your winds upon my wing
I give to thee my hollow heart

Come...King winter, blow me so far away
Swept away into the night, end my sorrow end pain

Come...eternal winter, blow me so far away
Swept away into the night, never to be seen again
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Lyrics to Through the Eyes of the Raven
by The Kovenant

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