Lyrics to City of Needles
by The Legendary Pink Dots

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[edit]Song titleCity of Needles
[edit]Artist nameThe Legendary Pink Dots
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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resplendant on my bed of nails
with laser light, my peep show
i can see the serpent lady peeping through my perforations

cold as knives, revolving on five icepicks clockwise sliced
hey, sailor, come on by and sit in my cocoon
sixteen minutes on rotorblades
a simulation swim-in pool bloody cracks
your invention, their pursuasion, my perversion

take a light speed spin down headless hole
Find more similar lyrics on feel the deprivation
red-hot pokers in the eyes
yet we guarantee you'll all survive

you'll meet your fear, and see it's bigger,
so much bigger than you feared
you'll need your fear, and see it's bigger,
so much bigger than you feared
you'll feed your fear, and see it's bigger,
so much bigger than you feared
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Lyrics to City of Needles
by The Legendary Pink Dots

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