Lyrics to The Last Days of Winter
by The Levellers

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[edit]Song titleThe Last Days of Winter
[edit]Artist nameThe Levellers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I spy with my little eye, the sun shining brightly
The clouds rolling by the last days of winter
Now seem so far away and everything looks green
When it used to be gray and I've watched the change

Like the changing in my mind and I chased the leaves
Like the words I never find, like the people I knew
Who I sometimes see today some still bright like fire
And some faded away

I turn on the radio and someone's playing a song
I turn on the news, hear what's going on
Find more similar lyrics on turn on my back when I'm full of beer
And I turn off the news when I don't want to hear

And I've seen a girl who looks so very sad
Nothing left but a memory of all the times she's had
And I've seen a man who looks so sad inside
Nothing left but the memories from which he cannot hide

So I learned to fight with a weapon called the word
And I learned to rise my voice so that I'd be heard
And I learned to fight with a weapon called the word
And I learned to raise my voice but I've never been heard
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Lyrics to The Last Days of Winter
by The Levellers

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