Lyrics to Silence
by The Mad Caddies

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[edit]Song titleSilence
[edit]Artist nameThe Mad Caddies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Silently approaching creeping through the night
Shadows below the radar hide
from unsuspecting light
You can't see it coming but you feel it near
The eminent destruction pulls you down in the fear

Now the fight has just begun
The battle is not over
You're scared it's been won

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Lying in your bed

I can see the dark clouds looming up above the land
Picking up on the signals of connotations
I don;t understand
They tell me things nightmares are made of
Pictures straight from hell
Try to put it all in a bag by the wayside
But I know I will fail
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Lyrics to Silence
by The Mad Caddies

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