Lyrics to That Prozac Moment
by The Mr. T Experience

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[edit]Song titleThat Prozac Moment
[edit]Artist nameThe Mr. T Experience
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know you're upset with me, but let's just call a
truce, cause I don't have the energy to make up an
excuse down all day and up all night, that's the
way I've been, though I've heard you say that I
should try to take control of my life I would try
to do what you said but sometimes it's a challenge
just to get out of bed and that's as good as it is
ever gonna get and nothing is happening yet and
everybody knows that-- please pass the prozac.
Waiting for that prozac moment to arrive I'll
adore that magic moment glad to be alive time to
find out if it's true I think I'm in love with you
now's the time but all I do is pace around the
Find more similar lyrics on so we do need to give it a go I've already
wasted half a life-time or so if I change my mind
how would I know? I need a Dr. Frank-ectomy though
and hope it never grows back-- please pass the
prozac. Now they're closing in everybody's yelling
at me they could take a pill or two themselves
there they go again staring at me swearing at me
take the whole bottle too as well time to find out
if it's true I think I'm all over you now's the
time but all I do is pace around the room so I'm
just waiting for that prozac moment to arrive, and
save my life.
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Lyrics to That Prozac Moment
by The Mr. T Experience

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