Lyrics to Wendy Under the Stars
by The Odds

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[edit]Song titleWendy Under the Stars
[edit]Artist nameThe Odds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was sitting there watching TV
Wendy came and sat on my knee
She put her finger in my ear
But I pulled it out so I could hear
What the newsman on the television said
He said the king of rock' n roll was dead
And in the spooky television light
She said, "Don't ever forget this night"

I was fucking Wendy under the stars,
the night that Elvis died

As we walked across the dew wet field
I never ever thought she would yield
To my young body's aching desire
For an older woman's well banked fire
By the left hand I was led
To the place that we would make our bed
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She said, "Don't ever forget this night"

I was fucking Wendy under the stars,
the night that Elvis died

She was 31 I was 17
I found out then what passion could mean
I thought I loved her but I didn't know how
I don't love her when I see her now
With the tape deck turned up loud
She made a young man feel strong and proud
And in the coolness of the morning light
She said, "Don't ever forget this night"

I was fucking Wendy under the stars,
the night that Elvis died
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Lyrics to Wendy Under the Stars
by The Odds

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