Lyrics to Pay The Man
by The Offspring

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[edit]Song titlePay The Man
[edit]Artist nameThe Offspring
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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See the way the wind blows
Lives are intertwined
Watch the way the world goes
The man deals out our plight

Jester in the corner
Laughs without a sound
Jester in the corner
Malady abounds

In our souls
In our souls
In our souls

See the way the sun sets
Twilight of this life
The man is making little bets
Playing with our lives

All that I believe now
Anything is possible
A simple explanation
For the evil in this world

And in our souls
In our souls
In our souls
In our souls

Come on down

Come down to sorry and sable
It's always the man
It's always keeping you down

Find more similar lyrics on down 'cause I see it before me
Shadow and light
That always keeps you running

Shut up, you talk too much
Pay the man, yeah
Shut up, you talk too much

Look at you and your struggle for freedom
But you ain't nothing
We all pay the man for living

Wouldn't it be nice for a change now
To be unchained
My life is for me now

But this is life
But this is life
But this is life
But this is life

Pay the man, no
Pay the man, no
Pay the man, no
It's alright

Shut up, you talk too much
Pay the man, yeah
Shut up, you talk too much

Shut up, you talk too much
Pay the man now, yeah

My life is for me, ho ho ho
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Lyrics to Pay The Man
by The Offspring

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