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Hold me Thrill me Kiss me by The Orioles

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[edit]Song titleHold me Thrill me Kiss me
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notes[Lyrics with no parentheses denote a solo by either Sonny Til (ST), Alexander Sharp (AS) or Gregory Carroll (GC), as indicated.] [Lyrics in single parentheses denote backup singer(s) only.] [Lyrics in double parentheses denote lead singer and backup singer(s) all sing.] [Lyrics separated by a slash (/) mean the lyrics on opposite sides of the slash are sung simultaneously.]
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Intro: Short guitar solo.

Verse 1, ST:
Hold me, (oh) ((hold me,))
Never let me go until you've/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
Told me, ((told me,))
What I want to know and then just/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
Hold me, ((hold me,))
Make me tell you I'm in love with
You./(Hold me tight, never let me go-oh.)

Verse 2, AS:
Thrill me, ((thrill me,))
Walk me down the lane where shadows/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
Will be, ((will be,))
Hiding lovers just the same as/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
We'll be, we'll be,
When you make me tell you I love you./(Oooh-oooh.)
(I love you.)

Chorus, ST:
Yes, they keep telling me,/(Oooh.)
"Be sensible with your new love."/(Oooh oooh.)
We-ell, this/(Oooh.)
Won't be the last you'll fi-ind."/(Oooh oooh.)
But they never/(Oooh.)
Stood in the dark with you, love,/(Oooh oooh.)
When you take me in your arms,/(Oooh.)
An' drive me slowly out of my mind./(Oooh oooh.)

Verse 3, ST:
Oh-oh, kiss me, (oh) ((kiss me,))
Find more similar lyrics on when you do, I know that you will/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
Miss me, ((miss me,))
If we ever say adieu.{1}/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
So, kiss me, ((kiss me,))
Make me tell you I'm in love with you./
/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)

Chorus, with tempo change and slight change in lyrics, JR:
Girl, they told me,/(Bup bup ba-bup.)
To "Be sensible with/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
Your new love./(Bup bah-dah-bup.)/
/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
Don't be fooled/(Bup bup bup.)
Thinkin' this is da last'(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
You'll find."/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
But they never/(Bup bup bup.)
Stood in th' dark/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
With you, love,/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
/(Bup bah-dah-bup.)
When you grab me in your arms,/(Oooh.)
An' slowly drive me out of my mind./(Oooh.)

Verse 3, with slight style & lyrics changes, AS:
Oh-oh, kiss me, ((kiss me,))
And when you do, I know that you will/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
Miss me, ((miss me,))
If we ever say adieu.{1}/(Oooh oooh ooh-ooh.)
So, kiss me, ((kiss me,))
Make me tell you I'm in love with
You./(Hold me.)
((Don't ever let me go-oh.))
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The Orioles Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Recording details & track overview

IF YOU DON'T SEE THE GREEN FOOTNOTE REFERENCE NUMBER(S) IN THE TEXT ABOVE TRY GOING TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION BY CLICKING ON THE LINK "SEE OTHER VERSIONS" IN THE ORANGE BOX ABOVE. ALSO SOMETIMES THE LYRICS ON PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARE MORE ACCURATE THAN THE ONE DISPLAYED AS THE CURRENT VERSION. [HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME]{2a}{2b}{2c} Written by: Harry Noble Performed by: (Sonny Til &) the Orioles{3a}{3b} First released:{4} Single: 1953 [Length: 2:52] Album: 1983 [Length: 2:54]{5} {1}It sounds as though the singers are saying, "I do," but they are supposed to say "adieu," French for goodbye, which is more logical in context. {2a}"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" was first recorded and released in 1952, by Karen Chandler.{6} It was a hit in two different decades and is considered by many to be a classic of the early rock/pop era. The version most often associated with the song was recorded by Mel Carter,{7} and released in 1965. Carter's version reached #8 on the [Billboard Hot 100] .....MORE.....(all Hold me Thrill me Kiss me track/recording details)

The Orioles biography

Led by Sonny Til (often mispelled Till, with 2 "L's"), the Orioles, through their early recordings made in the late '40s and early '50s, laid the groundwork for future vocal groups in the Rhythm & Blues genre by fusing traditional pop songs with gospel sensibilities. Using smooth harmonies designed to appeal to the broadest audience possible, they were one of the earliest groups to established the basic pattern for the doo-wop sound.

Based in Baltimore, MD, the Orioles consisted of lead vocalist Sonny Til (lead tenor, born Earlington Carl Tilghman, born August 18, 1928-died December 9, 1981); Alexander Sharp (tenor vocals, born December 1919-died January 1970); George Nelson (baritone vocals, born 1925, Baltimore-died 1959); Johnny Reed (bass vocals & double bass, born August 16, 1923-died June 18, 2005); and Tommy Gaither (guitar, born c. 1919-died November 5, 1950).

In performance, The Orioles were a phenomenon, with girls in.....MORE.....(full The Orioles biography)

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Hold me Thrill me Kiss me by The Orioles

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