Lyrics to Sham on
by The Pink Spiders

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[edit]Song titleSham on
[edit]Artist nameThe Pink Spiders
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She said "I never really thought I'd need
this" I said "my goal is to be
cigarettes to you" It might sound dangerous
but that just means it's worth it I said "I
wanna get the shakes out lady" She said
"you don't know what you're getting into
boy" This is a story where the epilogue is
Find more similar lyrics on C'mon c'mon freak out (this audio
survival) Tune in and turn it out (this rock n
roll revival) Cause I know you're only pretty when
you walk away Yeah yeah, sham on We've got a
problem baby let's get hip I wanna be cool but all
that I can be is honest And open up to let the
pain pour from the pen
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Lyrics to Sham on
by The Pink Spiders

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