Lyrics to Section 16 (One man Show)
by The Polyphonic Spree

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[edit]Song titleSection 16 (One man Show)
[edit]Artist nameThe Polyphonic Spree
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She said goodnight to all the lights that made her
seem to glow. Her hair parades for him to stay,
but he decides to go. He makes his way in subtle
plays some times he says hello It takes him days
to move her way, she knows its time to go

Coz time doesnt go along the way now she sits
right down to find the one man show. Its a
beautiful day, its time to leave, somebody.

The house is bold and so much colder than nights
they'd ever know, she bends her knees and tries to
scream and says its time to go. She moves her lips
Find more similar lyrics on words are gifts he stares as she lets go and
trades a space for her new place in a world she
wants to know

Coz time doesnt go along the way now she sits
right down, Coz time doesnt go along the way now
she sits right down to find the one man show. It's
a beautiful day, its time to leave, somebody

It means a lot to find it so easy it takes a lot
to find yourself way down. It means a lot to find
it so easy, and it takes a lot to find yourself
way down.
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Lyrics to Section 16 (One man Show)
by The Polyphonic Spree

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