Lyrics to Tangled up in Love
by The Ranch

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[edit]Song titleTangled up in Love
[edit]Artist nameThe Ranch
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Keith Urban and Vernon Rust)

You know the cards are
stacked against this
As we surrender our defenses
And I've torn down all my
fences just for you
And you feel it too
What do we do
Do we run or see it through
The longer we're together
It just keeps gettin' better
And you hide your little love letters
Around the house for me
And it's plain to see
Find more similar lyrics on you'll always be
all I'll ever need

The webs we spun
Wove into one
And left us tangled up in love
You squeeze my hand I understand
About a woman and a man
I love the way you make me feel
You got me tangled up in love
The webs we spun
Wove into one
Left us tangled up in love

(Repeat Chorus)
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Lyrics to Tangled up in Love
by The Ranch

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