Lyrics to Every Day
by The Rasmus

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[edit]Song titleEvery Day
[edit]Artist nameThe Rasmus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We get along, it's like a magic has come between us.
We did it all first and now everybody's
Gotta learn to survive, gotta learn to stay alive.

Now you say you just needed to stay away,
Now you say that you are blowing yourself away,
I know well what you mean when you tell me
we're running out of credit.

Everyday I will see you anyway
'n' I wanna do something about it.
Everyday I will see you anyway
'n' I wanna do something about it.

We recognise the lies, nothing can stop us now,
Find more similar lyrics on have a blast with the most ridiculous stories.
Laughing's keeping us alive,
'n' you know that's not a lie.

Now you say, don't even smile if you follow me,
I see you're not joking for the first time.
I know well what you mean when you tell me,
we're running out of credit.

I know well that the time has come when...
everything's been said 'n' done.
Well maybe we just shouldn't give up,

(respect the fidelity)
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Lyrics to Every Day
by The Rasmus

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