Lyrics to Diving for Pearls
by The Renaissance

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[edit]Song titleDiving for Pearls
[edit]Artist nameThe Renaissance
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We'll take a few days
off in paradise
You and I
We'll fall in love again
Under a perfect sky
Late in the evening
watching nightbirds fly
Moonlight dancing in their eyes

We'll swim the ocean 'til
it's late at night
You and I
Make love and sing all night
Until the day arrives
Late in the evening
under a tropic sky
Stars shine inside loving eyes


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We're diving so deep
The ocean's calling
And the dolphins speak
We're diving for pearls
Under the blue sea
They rise from the seabed
And follow me

We came a long way to
this wonderland
You and I
To love again once more
Under magic skies
Late in the evening when
the world's asleep
Remembering how great it could be

Repeat chorus two times
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Lyrics to Diving for Pearls
by The Renaissance

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