Lyrics to Darlin' one
by The Replacements

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[edit]Song titleDarlin' one
[edit]Artist nameThe Replacements
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The smell of man that now scents your wings
And with that, brings a change in things
Banished forever from the sacred nest
On your snow-white breast
I feel there's still unrest

I said, "Hey, darlin' one
Your time has come
Hey, darlin' one"

Five hundred midnights since have passed
Since I held you fast, you were safe at last
Wax burnt my finger like a clear blue flame
So young and tame
I was to blame

An' I call your name, "Darlin' one
Find more similar lyrics on time has come"
I said, "Hey, darlin' one
Your time has just begun"

I cupped my hands around you
And I swore you would fly
My tears fell through the dirt
As I heaved you to the sky

And I heard, "Darlin' one
Your time has come
Your time has come
Hey, darlin', darlin', darlin' one"

"Hey, darlin' one
Your time has come"
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Lyrics to Darlin' one
by The Replacements

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