Lyrics to Lay it Down Clown
by The Replacements

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[edit]Song titleLay it Down Clown
[edit]Artist nameThe Replacements
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(One Two)

Got a big switchblade, drop drop bill a tease
There's a deal goin' down, it don't go down around me

Rumors keep on spreadin' all over town
Lay it down clown, lay it down
Lay it down clown, lay it down

Spirit is willing and you think you got what it takes
The only exercise you ever get is the shakes

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Lay it down clown, lay it down
Lay it down clown, lay it down, ohh ho

Get back to the hills, get back to back where you belong
Finally found out which way the wind blows

The rumors keep on spreadin' all over town
Lay it down clown, lay it down
Lay it down clown, lay it down, down
Lay it down clown, lay it down
Lay it down clown, lay it down
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Lyrics to Lay it Down Clown
by The Replacements

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