Lyrics to Nocturne
by The Roches

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[edit]Song titleNocturne
[edit]Artist nameThe Roches
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You ask me why
We cannot make love
I have been ransacking you
For the answer

Side by side we lay
Not touching
Listening to rain falling
In the darkness

Where desire writhed
There stands a stone
The change was sudden and complete

A serious question
We have turned out to ask
We have sought each other secretly
Strong has been the urge
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To lie naked facing fear

Quietly and quickly
Our sentences blaze trails upon the night
We are mates on a doubtful voyage

Speaking sanely now
Allotting no lovers advantage

My room is anxious to expel him
He hurries to be free of my feelings

We wear our words
Until he finally dresses
Looking for his shoes
He is a shadow in my doorway
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Lyrics to Nocturne
by The Roches

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