Lyrics to Love comes at the speed of light
by The Rolling Stones

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[edit]Song titleLove comes at the speed of light
[edit]Artist nameThe Rolling Stones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well she's very wealthy it's true
So in that she is one up one you
She's dressed all in red, white and blue
And she always knows more than you do

She's so affected
Cool, calm, collected

She knows who to smile to today
She has just been brought up in that way
She knows all the right games to play
And she always just knows what to say

She's well respected
Cool, calm, collected

She's so affected
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In public the strain's heard to bear
She exudes such a confident air
But behind she is not without care
But she sweeps it right under her hair

She's well respected
Cool, calm, collected

She seems to glow brilliantly white
And her hair seems to shine in the night
With her feet unbelievably light
And her teeth ready, sharpened to bite

She's so respected
Cool, calm, collected
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Lyrics to Love comes at the speed of light
by The Rolling Stones

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