Lyrics to Wasted
by The Runaways

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[edit]Song titleWasted
[edit]Artist nameThe Runaways
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Blue skinned sleeping boys
Man you're lookin' wasted
Greasy wheels, streets of steel
No tellin' what ya tasted

Good guys bad guys
Doesn't really matter
Punch drunk, high on junk
Sad you are so shattered

Wasted lives of wasted drives
Wasted days an' wasted nights
Wasted this an' wasted that
Wasted is where you're at

Torpedoes in tuxedos
Got iron in their hands
Cotton sound, lost an' found
Is in every crazy man

Lonely rain, bad cocaine
Doesn't really matter
Find more similar lyrics on white, don't treat ya right
Sad you are so shattered

Wasted lives of wasted drives
Wasted days an' wasted nights
Wasted this an' wasted that
Wasted is where you're at

Madhouse melodies
Got beach rats on the run
Golden tractors, low plus factors
Silver bullets, rubber gun

Redneck rocker, or devil daughter
Doesn't really matter
Cheap dope, ya can't cope
Sad you are so shattered

Wasted lives of wasted drives
Wasted days an' wasted nights
Wasted this an' wasted that
Wasted is where you're at
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Lyrics to Wasted
by The Runaways

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