Lyrics to Island of Love
by The Sheppards

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[edit]Song titleIsland of Love
[edit]Artist nameThe Sheppards
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I have heard of an island,
Where young lovers often go.
They say it's wonderful,
Woh-whoa, so (marvelous).
I wanna go (go, go).
I wanna go (go, go).

Because I've read about it,
Heard about it.
Talked so very much about it.
That's where we belong.

They say, on moonlit nights,
When the stars are, oh, so bright,
You can hear the seashells at night,
Singing love songs,
Woh-whoa, beautiful (love songs).
I wanna go (go, go).
I wanna go (go, go).
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Because I've read about it,
Heard about it.
Talked so very much about it.
That's where we belong.

All of my life (all of my life),
I have loved (I have loved).
But never, no, not like this before.
All of my life (all of my life),
I, I have waited (I have waited),
((For someone like you to adore.))

All through the night,
I dream I hold you tight,
On an island, yes an island of love,
Woh-ho-oha, of love.
((Of love, ooooo.))
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[edit]More brief notes[ISLAND OF LOVE] [Written by: William Ezell & William Sheppard] [Performed by: The Sheppards {1}-1964] Appears on: The Sheppards (LP)-1964, Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-1966* & 1995*, Golden Classics-1989*, Bunky's Picks-1998*, The Encyclopedia of Doo Wop-2000*, Doo Wop 45s on CD, Vol. 2-2002*, Malt Shop Memories: Street Corner Symphonies-2006*{2}, Malt Shop Memories, Vol. 5-2007*, et al. (*Compilation of various artists.) {1} Covered by: Lee Andrews & the Hearts, The Doo Wop Cops & Pure Gold. {2} Transcribed from the track on this album.

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Lyrics to Island of Love
by The Sheppards

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