Lyrics to Trying Your Luck
by The Strokes

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[edit]Song titleTrying Your Luck
[edit]Artist nameThe Strokes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You said, "You couldn't stay"
You've seen it all before, I know
And sold you on their way
Oh honey that's okay

No harm, he's armed
Settin' off all your alarms
When I find out
I hope it's you who set this trap

And store fronts rarely change
At least I'm on my own again
Instead of, anywhere with you
Oh tell me it's all the same

And I've lost my place again
I know this is so rare
But I'll try my luck with you
Oh this life is on my side
Oh I am your one
Believe me this is a chance
Oh, oh

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He's tryin' not to give his job but chance
It's never gonna be
It's sad but I agree

The signals don't seem right
It lasts for just one night and then
I'm sorry that I said
That we were just good friends

No harm, he's armed
Set it off all your alarms
Entranced, I can't
Be here in time, I'll think about that

And I've lost my page again
I know this is so rare
But I'll try my luck with you
This life is on my side
Well I am your one
Believe me, this is a chance
Oh, oh
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Lyrics to Trying Your Luck
by The Strokes

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